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Antalya Tattoo

Antalya’s best tattoo and piercing studio,Our best tattoo masters serve you in our salon.

Antalya Tattoo

Antalya’s best tattoo and piercing studio,Professional tattoo and piercing artists serve you at fox coiffeur

We pick you up from anywhere in Antalya with our free car service and drop you off at your hotel.
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Antalya tattoo studio most frequently asked questions

We pick you up from all hotels in Antalya and after the process is completed, we drop you back to your hotel free of charge.

The most curious question for people who are going to get a tattoo for the first time is, Does a Tattoo Hurt? There must be a problem. – Of course, it is a very valid question. These participants
There is no clear answer, but we can define it as follows; people’s skin differences, the degree of sensitivity of the area and the individual’s
There are many factors such as the presence of chronic diseases and skin diseases, differences in skin colors between countries, nutrition patterns, and seasons.
The factor changes the level of pain. In particular, some areas hurt more, for example, the inner part of the body and the face are the areas that hurt the most. hair area of ​​the head
Although the nape area hurts a lot, the expanded head area of ​​the machine creates a hallucination in the human perception and gives the feeling that it hurts more. Some tattoo techniques and the size of the tattoo also make a difference in the perception of pain. In addition to all these factors, the mastery of the person doing the tattoo and the quality of the materials used are also very important.

Tattooing may be dangerous for patients at risk of cancer, diabetics, people with blood-related diseases such as anemia and leukemia, women who are breastfeeding or have just given birth, and people under the age of 18. In such a case, getting a tattoo without a doctor’s report can have extremely dangerous consequences.

For any other questions, please contact our salon fox.