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Antalya Permanent Make up Microblading

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Drawing a perfect eyeliner line is not something everyone can achieve. It is a stylish move that expands the appearance, although it is difficult. It is effective enough to make all makeup look bad if not careful. It may not be possible to renew eyeliner every day or measure it symmetrically. Permanent eyeliner or permanent dipliner is the ideal solution for those who want to achieve the perfect look and do not want to work hard for it.

Make-up pieces applied with special dyes on the eyelid in the form of lines with or without tails are called permanent eyeliner application. Tailless permanent eyeliner is the method that enlarges the inner part of the eyelid until the end of the lash line. Tailed permanent eyeliner is applied a few millimeters longer than the end of the lash line. Another eyeliner method is permanent misty eyeliner, that is, the eyeliner is attached to the eyelid and has tone transitions. This method, preferred by those who love flashy eye make-up, can be done using permanent make-up technique. Permanent dipliner is the method that is drawn more thinly on the lash line. It becomes more practical to apply eyeliner or dipliner every day and apply make-up with this method without having to renew the line.

Unlike permanent tattoo applications, eyeliner permanent make-up technology is slightly different, as its permanence is shorter-lasting. Permanent eyeliner paint is used because the eyelid is a sensitive area and is completely specific to this procedure. PhiContour pigments, the world’s best eyeliner dye, are harmless and natural dyes. In our center, dipliner is used in the same paint and places for permanent make-up.

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Hair extensions most frequently asked questions

Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up procedure applied to the eyebrow area using a special stroke technique to achieve a fuller eyebrow appearance or enhance the natural features of the face.

Microblading creates very natural finishes that provide long-lasting results. This procedure is the best and latest technique in the world to restore the natural appearance of your thinned or lost eyebrows. The dyes used in the processes are natural dyes that are specially produced for microblading and do not change color afterwards.

Permanent Makeup Application is Described as a Slight Stinging Sensation in the Applied Area. In practice, there is minimal discomfort, which may vary depending on the person’s pain threshold and the experience of the esthetician. In People with a Low Pain Threshold, the area to be treated is anesthetized locally with anesthetic ointment.

Bristle Technique Eyebrow Application is Done with the Help of Machines Produced for Permanent Makeup Applications, with a Sterile Disposable Apparatus at the End.
In practice, eyebrows are plucked in a way that suits the facial contours, reveals the eyes, and corrects the appearance of droopy eyelids.
According to the designed eyebrow shape, symmetrical hair drawings are made in the spaces inside the eyebrows with the help of a machine, based on the growth direction of the hairs. Bristle Technique Eyebrow Contour Application Maintains its Permanence for Up to 3 Years.

In general, almost half of the time is spent measuring a symmetrical eyebrow shape that best suits your facial expression, drawing it perfectly and deciding together on your most accurate eyebrow color.

Microblading is considered a semi-permanent application and fades away over time. It usually lasts 1-2 years depending on your skin type. The following items are important in determining how long it will take for the process to become permanent.

– Skin type (oily skin fades faster)

– Sun exposure (may cause pigment to fade over time.)

– Daily use of anti-aging products (products containing Tretinoin (Retin-A) & Alpha Hydroxy increase cell turnover rate and can lead to wilting of the process)