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Antalya hair extension

Antalya’s best hair extension place, Come to our salon and have your hair done by our highest quality and best hair masters.
What is hair extensions?
It is the name given to people who find their hair short and the new style and hair extensions.

We pick you up from anywhere in Antalya with our free car service and drop you off at your hotel.
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Hair extensions most frequently asked questions

The answer to your question about how many hairs to wear is that our masters look at your short hair and inform you about how many hairs will suit you and the compatibility of the color tones and the hair tone to be worn.

Hair extension price is calculated in 2 ways
1. How many sheets you want are priced and calculated per sheet piece.
2. The price is calculated differently depending on the hair color you want.
As foxcoiffeur, we provide you with the most suitable and highest quality hair. You can follow us on social media.

Hair extensions do not harm the hair, it lasts for an average of 6 months, and when your hair grows, you can go to a master again and put the down hair on top by paying only the installation fee, thus you can maintain your hair length for 5 to 10 years.

Let’s say your hair color is a light tone blonde and you want a dark tone or full light blonde, our masters dye the hair, care and polish it, and adjust it so that your hair extensions will never be visible when viewed from the outside.

The hair lasts for 10 years, but since your hair grows after 6 months, the master does not charge a hair fee and only the installation fee is charged, and we must say that it may come off with extreme difficulty, but you can easily have it reattached.

For any other questions, please contact our salon fox.