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Antalya microblading

Why Microblading Antalya fox coiffeur?

Microblading Antalya(eyebrow contouring) is a technique applied especially to people who are not satisfied with their eyebrows, as well as those who have medical conditions such as alopecia that cause eyebrow loss. You can also think of microblading as a semi-permanent make-up treatment or an eyebrow contour or tattoo applied to make your eyebrows look fuller and more natural. In the application, special pigments are placed under the upper layer of your skin to fill the gaps between the eyebrows and improve the appearance of your eyebrows.

Microblading (eyebrow contouring) is expressed as a form of semi-permanent tattooing to create natural-looking eyebrows with a special tool with a small needle. In summary, with the application, the skin of your eyebrows is cut and pigment is placed in the cuts containing many small strokes. The pigment used in microblading is also different from the ink used for tattooing.

Who is microblading done by?

Microblading is performed by a trained and expert licensed eyebrow technician who carefully draws all his drawings using a special tool. It is very important for you to pay attention to the fact that there are licensed technicians who are experts in their fields in the centers where you plan to go for this application.

How is microblading done?
Think of microblading like a tattoo. But not that deep, just like a deep tattoo, involving 7 to 16 micro-needles that create eyebrow-like lines, attached to a pen-like blade tool, mimicking eyebrow hairs by creating fine strokes. It is applied under the skin through hundreds of small incisions with this disposable instrument filled with semi-permanent pigment.

Skin care after microblading
You need to follow your care after microblading carefully. Although your technician will give you personalized follow-up instructions in this regard, he usually uses an antibacterial or petroleum jelly-like ointment for the first 24 hours. Some acids and retinoids can fade pigments, so it’s very important that you don’t get crusts in your brow area.

How long does the microblading application take?
In the first session, it’s usually a testing procedure and can take 30 minutes to 1.5 hours to give you an idea of how your brows are responding and what fine-tuning needs to be done next time. The duration of the procedure varies depending on how skilled the microblading technician is and your eyebrow structure.

General points to consider for microblading day
Avoid caffeine or alcohol on the day of the procedure.
Avoid tanning or sunbathing for a few days before the procedure.
Do not pluck or wax your eyebrows a few days before the procedure.
Avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, and other facial treatments for a few weeks before the procedure.
Stop using vitamin A (retinol) one month before.

After Microblading Care
In some applications, the target area may be sensitive, bruised or itchy following the microblading procedure. It is normal to have redness on the skin after the application. Although the wounds heal over time, you may feel a sunburn-like rash on your face for a few days. Once the pigment settles, it heals completely in about 10 to 14 days. It is recommended to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the microblading technician to help prevent complications:

Apply coconut oil to your eyebrows 2 times a day until they heal.
Keep the area clean and dry.
Avoid rubbing, touching, rubbing or wetting the brow area for 1 week to 10 days.
Avoid using harsh skin care products.
Do not apply makeup to the area for a week.
Try to avoid sweating for a few weeks.
Avoid direct sunlight, including tanning beds.

How long does microblading last?
Although microblading is considered one of the permanent cosmetic make-ups, it is actually a non-permanent application. It disappears over time. Typical microblading is expected to last a maximum of 2 or 3 years, but results vary based on a person’s skin type, preferences and response to ink.

For some people, touch-ups for colors and shapes can be repeated every 6 months. For some people, this period can take up to 18 months.

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