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Hair Extension antalya mikro kaynak

Hair Extension

Micro Welding Hair Processes…


Fox coiffeur Hairdresser and Beauty Salon, we provide this service in Antalya, which we have offered for our valued customers, to use the MICRO WELDING HAIR application in a quality way. The Micro Welding technique, which we apply as fox coiffeur, is one of the latest techniques and trends in the world’s hair extension field.


Micro extension technique is a very special hair extension technique that is added in thin tufts. The thin and light tufts added   in the hair extension make the use of the hair extension extremely useful and healthy. The added hair tufts are  in the form of 1/3 thinner tufts compared to the added tufts in other welding systems  .

Thanks to the very thin tufts added in the hair extension process, the welded hair does  not become heavy . In this way, it does not cause hair loss due to pain and weight in the roots of the hair. Along with being comfortable and practical during use, it is also the healthiest welding technique   . When your hair extensions are removed, you will not experience hair loss.

Micro Hair Extension Technique is a great invention for those who care about the health and beauty of their own hair!

What is Micro Source?

Micro Source is the most up-to-date hair extension system in the world.
Micro hair welding is called micro because its connection points are very small compared to other welding systems.
The small feature of the connection points makes the hair transplant invisible.
Its microcapsules are so small that they are invisible even at close range.
They can be scanned from the bottom when using during the day and provide maximum comfort while sleeping.

How to Micro Weld?

This process is based on the principle of attaching the hair by melting the transparent capsule granules with heat. When small transparent capsules are added, they become the same color as your hair and cling to your hair. In this way, the bead is compressed as in welding, preventing the hair from being crushed and broken, and  your hair continues to be nourished .

It is not suitable for standard keratin micro-welding process, as the holding power decreases as the size of the keratin decreases and the amount decreases in the micro-welding application tried using standard keratin. We, on the other hand, use high quality materials specially produced for Micro Hair Welding by European experts   . With this organic material, even though the sources are added 1/3 smaller, they   can remain intact for more than 9 months without any deterioration.

The extensions, which are about the size of a small grain of rice, are the same color as your hair, and they are not noticeable from the outside in your hair. Thus, since it can be applied in a wider area on your head, a much  more natural look  can be obtained. It is not necessary to cut your own hair to make it look natural after welding.

The fact that the added tufts are 1/3 smaller means that the number is approximately 3 times more. The process, which is applied with detailed and fine workmanship, takes 6-8 hours depending on the hair structure of the person and the amount to be added.

Who Is Micro Welding Suitable For?

It is suitable for all hair types who want to lengthen their hair, whose hair is weak and scarce, at the same time damaged by chemical processes, burned, worn, with dense roots and sparse ends and low volume.
It can be welded to extremely short hair (even 5 cm is enough) with the feature of being applied to all different hair types. Considering that the techniques to be applied on short hair extensions are limited, the best hair resource that women with short hair can apply is micro-welding.

How Long Is Micro Welding Used?

The usage period of micro extension hair can remain intact for more than 12 months, but it   varies between 4-7 months on average , depending on the structure of your hair, the growth rate and the way you use it, which determines the usage time. After a while they start to become noticeable. However, the hair has an average life of 5 years, and the hair that completes its life falls off and a new one comes out. This number is around 100 wires on average per day.

These hair strands, which would normally shed and fall, are attached to each other during the welding process, so they cannot fall and remain suspended. Since the cuticle structure of these suspended hair strands is reversed, it  causes confusion at the bottom of the welds  .

Although it is not possible to prevent this natural cycle in the hair, we minimize this confusion with the technique of the welds. If you brush your hair extensions as we describe to you, the tangle  problem can be completely avoided.

The recommended time to use a healthy hair extension is 4 months.

Does Micro Welding Damage Hair?

The damage of the sources to the hair is one of the most curious subjects.
To be honest, with our PROFESSIONAL view, there is no type of extension that does not harm the hair in our opinion.
There are two main reasons for hair damage.
They are due to user errors and user errors.
If users continue to use their resources for more than three months, the confusion in the transplanted hair also damages the natural hair. For this reason, we recommend users to renew the micro-source after 3 months.
Errors caused by practitioners are the use of the wrong technique when applying for the first time, as well as the use of substances such as cologne, acetone, alcohol, thinner, etc., instead of a special solution, while removing the welds. None of these have keratin dissolving properties.
If a special keratin solvent solution is not used, it is inevitable to cause serious damage to the hair. and it will lead to hair loss in many proportions.
To sum up, if the overall hair loss is 10% in any welding system, this rate drops to 1% if the correct hair selection, correct application, correct use and correct removal process is performed in this micro-welding system. For this reason, micro-sources are preferred by resource users.

Micro Sourcing?

With the Micro Welding application, you can easily apply the process you want to your extended  hair .

• You can collect your hair as you wish without your sources  being seen ,

•  Straightener, blow dryer, tongs, etc.  can shape,

•  Can apply processes such as dyeing, bleaching, highlighting, balayage, ombre  ,

 • You can apply any shampoo,  hair care products, care oils, creams, masks you want,

•  You can easily use it  in any environment you can think of, such as  the sea, pool, sauna, solarium .

• There is no need for any  special care when using your extension hair .

•   It is not a problem for medical procedures such as X-ray, MR .

• Thanks to the very thin tufts added in the hair extension process, the resulting hair integrates better with your own hair and  takes on a more natural appearance  .

• When small and transparent capsules are added, they become the same color as your hair and are  not noticeable even when you collect your hair .

• They do not bother you by sinking into your head, they are not  felt from the outside when your hair is touched .

• You can apply all the processes you want, apply maintenance oils, and use it in environments such as the sea, pool, sauna, solarium with  peace of mind .

• It can be applied to all hair types, and  a natural look  can be achieved even on very short hair.

• They do not cause any pain or pain while welding and during use,  they do not cause any damage to your hair while removing the welds .

• It offers 2 times longer usage time compared to other welding systems   . 4 to 7 months , depending on the growth rate of your hair  .

• You can brush your hair  from the bottom with a brush .

• Since the tufts to be added are thin and light, they  do not weigh on your head .

• There is no layered appearance as in welding systems such as keratin and beads, but a  natural and integrated appearance  .

• It protects your hair from external factors and  allows your hair to grow faster .

• It saves you time with its ease of use  , and after washing your hair, it looks as natural as your own hair.

• Hair or snaps that you used before can also be welded with this technique.

Extraction of Micro-Resources

The duration of use of the sources is determined by the growth rate of your hair. When it is time to remove the sources,  your hair is removed without any damage with its special solution  . You will not feel any  pain during the extraction of the welds.

After the extensions added with the Micro Hair Extension system are removed, Micro welding can be performed again on the day of removal without the need to rest your hair.

What are Micro Resource Prices?

It would not be right to say without seeing the hair and checking it, and the prices we give are average prices.
The main determinant of the price is how many sources will be used by controlling your hair.
The color, length and hair type of the hair that changes the price, that is, the wavy straight character.
 A clear price will be issued when you make a free preliminary appointment and visit us .

Is Micro Extension Hair Guaranteed?

Most of the time, among the questions we receive from hair extension users, we wonder whether the hair is real or not.
Unfortunately, the quality of the hair used is not understandable by the user. The problems you experience during use reveal the quality of the hair.
These problems can be listed as hair tangling, shedding, color retention, rubbery growth and unhealthy hair.
Hairdresser Fox coiffeur What is the Guarantee?
It is very difficult to achieve hair that can be micro welded, tangle free, tangle free, lighten and dye the desired color and can be used for a long time. In the micro-welding applications we have made, we prefer to manufacture and use the hair, which we can say is our problem, as a principle, any problem that our guests may experience. In order to be able to say this, we have hair in so many different characters and colors that we should be able to apply the hair character that fits your hair character exactly. It is an indispensable condition that the transplanted hair to be used is the same as your hair texture.
For this reason, we want you to know that possible problems with the hair we use will be our problem.

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