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Pedicure Manicure Antalya Fox coiffeur

Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure and pedicure are among the most important skin care methods for all women. Women always want to have a clean and well-groomed skin, as they are extremely meticulous about skin care. In this sense, we offer you a unique manicure and pedicure service with our professional team. If you are sensitive about hand and foot care, you should definitely choose our beauty salon. Our sensitivity to quality service and customer satisfaction is at the highest level. Pedicure is a service that includes all services such as nail polish, nail care, softening the calluses on the feet, cleaning the dead skin, shaping the nails and washing the feet completely. Getting a manicure and pedicure accelerates blood circulation and reduces stress. It helps maintain your nail health.

How To Do Pedicure?

Feet are the most delicate organs for women. That’s why it needs to be maintained at regular intervals. First of all, your toenails are shortened by our expert team. Toenails are shortened more than fingernails. The reason for this is to prevent damage inside the shoes. Then your nails are filed and softener is applied to the bottoms. Soak your feet in warm water for about 5 minutes to soften them. Then your cuticles are meticulously cut. Nails are shaped by filing. After this process, a table is made on your feet and moistened. Finally, your feet are dehumidified and nail polish is applied.

What is Manicure?

Manicure is the process of correcting, applying nail polish, polishing, shaping the nails after they are cut, cleaning and filing the dirt at the base of the nail. Hands, one of the most sensitive organs for women, are very important. Soft and well-groomed appearance of hands is a sensitive issue for ladies. We, together with our expert team, do all the manicure processes of your hands meticulously. If you are looking for a professional beauty salon in manicure, we welcome you to our center.

How to Manicure?

Before moving on to our manicure service, the professional disinfects his hands and starts with clean tools. The nail polish on your fingernails is cleaned with the help of alcohol. Your hands are kept in warm water containing shampoo, lemon, olive oil for a few minutes. This will soften your hands and nails. Distorted areas of your cuticles are cut with nail clippers. Your nails can be shortened according to your wishes. It is filed in a round, square, oval or blunt shape and cream is applied to the bottom parts. When the filing process is finished, the nails are cleaned of dead skin. Moisturizing cream is applied to your hands to soften them and massage is applied. In order for your nails to have a smooth and shiny appearance, nail polish or polish is applied after the cleaning process and the process is completed.

What is Pedicure?

Pedicure is a service that includes all services such as nail polish, nail care, softening the calluses on the feet, cleaning the dead skin, shaping the nails and washing the feet completely.

What Does Pedicure Mean?

Pedicure is an aesthetic application that makes the toenails look beautiful with special techniques and equipment.

In Which Situations Should A Pedicure Be Done?

Pedicure is basically the care and correction of toenails. Although crooked toenails are preferred in cases of aesthetic defect, they can also be preferred only for care and a better appearance.

Is Pedicure Also Suitable For Men?

Pedicure application is an appropriate and necessary application for all age groups and genders.

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