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Express Makeup
We do not focus on a single area of ​​your choice that does not require heavy make-up and apply the remaining areas. It takes 20 minutes.

Day – Night Makeup
It is an ideal type of make-up for special occasions, where different products are used compared to Express make-up, where the individual area is detailed for a maximum of 60 minutes.

Bridal Makeup
We have a special preparation room for our brides, and depending on their height, you can decorate these rooms early while getting ready. Of course, there are also services that will make our brides feel special. But with that…

Henna Makeup
We make your henna make-up more durable than your day-night make-up, as it will still be very active, although not as much as the guests at the wedding. Don’t be afraid, nothing can ruin that make-up…

Engagement Makeup
Being a little undecided here. Sometimes you get engaged among your family, sometimes in hotel lounges having fun like crazy. We have made perfect progress in terms of durability. From your misty eyes!…

Eyelash Lift
We saved the best for last. In our opinion, it is the most wonderful procedure in the world. We curl your own eyelashes without any attachments. Then you shout with your eyes like those around you.

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