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permanent makeup Antalya kundu

permanent makeup antalya

You will learn the answers to your questions with this article, in which we will discuss the permanent makeup application, which is the beauty secret of those who care about their aesthetic appearance, in detail. Permanent makeup; It is a method that is frequently applied to eyebrows, eyelashes and lip areas, but can also be applied to many areas. This application is completed by injecting pigments suitable for the color tone of the area just below the skin. Permanent make-up is one of the most frequently used methods by those who want to look constantly with make-up.

With permanent make-up, it is also possible to apply make-up in your favorite tones to your skin and apply make-up in different tones when necessary. For those who have time for daily make-up, we have written an article on how to do make-up before. This time, we will tell you permanent make-up techniques and the details you must know for those who say “I don’t have time to do make-up” or “I’m too lazy to do this make-up every day”.

Permanent Makeup microblading

We want to start permanent makeup with eyebrow makeup first. It is an application that is preferred by people with shapeless, messy or few eyebrows or those whose eyebrows grow very quickly and want a permanent solution. First, the pigment suitable for skin color and hair color is determined. In this way, the most natural image is provided. The process begins after the appropriate pigment is taken into the device called the application needle or pen. It is applied smoothly starting from the front of the eyebrows until the final extension point. This application continues until the end of the eyebrow. When both eyebrows are equal to each other, the procedure is considered finished until the last application to be made 1 month later. The reason for repeating this application after 1 month is to check whether the color tone matches and to fix its permanence by going over the color again if there is a possible discoloration. Permanent eyebrow makeup, like other permanent makeup, does not stay forever. After six or nine months, depending on the quality of the application, it gradually begins to fade or lighten.

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