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Antalya Kundu Microblading Fox coiffeur

Eyebrows are very important for all women who take care of their beauty. Because eyebrows determine the expression on our face. For more impressive looks, we want the eyebrows to be designed in accordance with our face and to keep it on our face for a long time. For this, we need to take our eyebrows regularly and fill the gaps between them with eyebrow shadow. However, doing this over and over every day is quite difficult for many people. In addition, due to incorrect eyebrow purchases, our eyebrows become offended over time and gradually become thinner. In this case, things get even more difficult, it becomes almost impossible to shape the eyebrows anymore. It is also a separate problem to apply eyebrow shadow evenly. If you are a woman with thick eyebrows, bushy eyebrows and dark skin, you are lucky. However, if you have fair skin and fine eyebrow hair like me, these procedures become much more difficult..

“What is Microblading?”

Antalya kundu microblading

First; We will say that it was beautiful in youth, but its deterioration over time is suitable for the natural flow of life. We will deal with other things. (This isn’t quite my style, but I respect those who think so.

Latter; We will fix the eyebrows that have become thinner and deteriorated over time with the natural hair technique process. We will also get rid of dyeing our eyebrows every day. We will continue to preserve the beauty of our eyebrows in a fixed design for a long time.n.

Martial arts figure prominently in many Asian cultures, and the first known traces.

Microblading end of transaction

This is one of the most asked questions. “What will it look like then?” If the person you are going to have the procedure is a professional permanent makeup artist, you can see what happens next. Before starting the process, it is necessary to determine the design that is suitable for your face shape. The advice of the expert who will guide you here is very important. Which eyebrow design will be drawn for which face type is a sensitive issue. If a wrong decision is made at the beginning of the work, the transactions made afterwards will always continue on this wrong.


Another important issue is the choice of color. You should definitely choose the same color as your eyebrows. For this, it will be a great advantage for you to have wide color alternatives in the place where the eyebrow contour application will be made. Since original permanent make-up paints are quite expensive, many businesses can only mix colors by acting on 3-5 main colors. In this way, it is very difficult and risky to get the exact color of your eyebrow. It is safest to choose the color to be applied to your eyebrows from the original catalogue.

Some people want to use the dyed color of their hair when choosing a color for their eyebrows. My advice is to stick to the original color of your hair and eyebrows. Example; If your hair is dyed blonde and your skin color is auburn, choose the original color of your eyebrows. In this way, you can ensure a longer use.


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