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Microblading antalya kundu

Phibrows Tekniği ile Microblading

Phibrows Eyebrows are one of the most sensitive issues of women. The reason for this is that with the change of eyebrow shape, your facial expression changes in general. In general, those who are not satisfied with the current state of their eyebrows try to change their eyebrow shape with methods such as eyebrow plucking and dyeing. But all of these methods are processes that require constant effort and renewal in the short term. It will take you at least 10-15 minutes to dye your eyebrows every day. Permanent makeup is the solution for women who do not want to experience this waste of time and want to have a beautiful eyebrow shape all the time. It is possible to apply permanent eyebrow makeup in different ways. One of the most known and preferred among these methods is the Japanese technique, Microblading

To express the hibrows Microblading method simply, we can say that it is a manual eyebrow drawing technique. Eyebrow making with the microblading method is chosen from other methods due to its naturalness and being manual. In the microblading method, different needles are used than the needles used in other permanent make-up hair technique methods (link to micropigmentation will be given). These needles are known as multi-needles and are 3 times thinner than needles used in other methods.

Disposable sterile needles are used in the microblading process. The dye selected in accordance with your eyebrow color is processed with needles to the epidermis layer of the skin, and the drawing you have previously determined is realized. Since the process is carried out by drawing fine hairs one by one, a very natural image emerges and a result indistinguishable from real eyebrows is obtained.

Since the dye is processed into the epidermis in the microblading process, it is known as a semi-permanent method, unlike other methods. Although its permanence varies according to the skin type, it is usually up to 1 year.

After the procedure, the color of your eyebrows may appear dark. In 2-3 weeks, your eyebrows will regain their original color as they will remove excess paint. The dyes used for eyebrow drawing are completely natural and licensed.

Microblading permanence is generally 1 to 2 years. This period varies according to the skin type. For example, in very oily skin, this period may be reduced to 10 months, as pigments will bleed quickly. At the end of this period, the permanence of Microblading can be extended by re-applying the process.

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