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Antalya massage spa salon Kundu antalya

Massage ?

The asage should be performed by persons who have received professional training in anatomy, physiology, diseases, injuries and massage manipulations.
Reduces headaches Reduces types of low back pain (typically subacute and non-specific chronic low back pain) Good for muscle pain and spasticity Increases flexibility and range of motion Stimulates circulation and lymph drainage Soothes the nervous system

Thai Massage Antalya

Its essence is an ancient form of massage by Buddhist residents in Thailand 2500 years ago. Thai massage is a form of mouth massage to reduce muscle and extensions, affect impacts and passive stretching and light pressure along the energy lines of the body.

Medical massage Antalya

In general, it is a method that creates anatomical, physiological and functional effects in the depths with a systematic and specific mechanical energy applied on the surface of the organism in order to rehabilitate a sick or tired organ, that is, to return it to its original state.

Asian massageAntalya

It is a type of massage that follows the principles of traditional Asian medicine and is often translated into touch therapy for very specific purposes. Therefore, it aims to rejuvenate the body and promote a degree of physical and mental relaxation, and there are many types of Asian massage that have different effects on the body.

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