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Hair Botox Balayage Ombre Keratin

Hair botox antalya

Everyone wants to have full, healthy looking and shiny hair. However, due to the structure of the hair and processes such as dye, tongs and straighteners, the hair does not always stay in the desired way. In such cases, there are treatments that you can have both at hairdressers and at home. While these treatments add moisture to the hair, they prevent the hair from frizz and smooth the hair strands.

Keratin botox

Keratin care and hair botox are often confused with each other. Keratin treatment is a chemical treatment that usually contains formaldehyde. Thanks to formaldehyde, your hair becomes smooth and soft. Only formaldehyde provides long-lasting results in hair. However, it should be noted that as the formaldehyde ratio increases, the time the hair retains its shape increases. If formaldehyde exceeds a certain limit, it means that it is carcinogenic.

Hair botox is a hair care application that does not contain harmful chemicals. In other words, you cannot find formaldehyde in hair botox.


hungry botox, especially if you have damaged hair, the appearance of your hair will improve and it will be healthier. In particular, it prevents hair frizz and softens your hair, thus reducing the time you spend on your hair. Thanks to hair botox, which moisturizes your hair, you can fix the damaged areas in your hair and support hair growth. When you have hair botox, you can see the results instantly. However, as we said, the effect of hair botox on your hair will vary depending on your lifestyle and hair type.

Anyone can have hair botox. If you have any hair type but want your hair to be calmer and easier to do, you can also have hair botox. However, especially if you have damaged hair, hair botox is for you.

We can list the hair types that can have hair botox as follows:

fine hair
thick hair
Curly hair
straight hair
Forked ends
In addition, all hair that has been damaged by straightening, curling, bleaching and dyeing can apply hair botox.

Hair Botox Keratin
Keratin botox antalya
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keratin Botox

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